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The South India Amateur Radio Society (SIARS) is based in Chennai, TN. The motive of South India Amateur Radio Society is to encourage the unity, fellowship, and activities of the amateur radio community in the Southern states of India, particularly Tamilnadu.

We help people to get their licenses and also assist them technically to build or setup their radios, antennas, test instruments and so on.

Chennai hosts two other amateur radio clubs too. The oldest and the first amateur radio club is the MARS( Madras Amateur Radio Society) and also  the Vandu net amateur radio Club.

MARS maintains two VHF repeaters in 145.775(-) and 145.675(-)Mhz. 

Vandu net ARC also maintains a VHF repeater at 145.550(-)Mhz.

Interested in a demo? Please get in touch with us through the contact form and request for an on-air demo from a nearby operator to you in Chennai
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