Asoc candidates
Amateur Station Operators Certificate exam
How to get your license ?

Amateur Radio is a hobby which involves Government licensing.

In India, the Wireless Planning Commission, a division of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, conducts licensing exams through the International Monitoring Organization offices in major cities.

Anyone above the age of 12, can obtain their amateur radio license in India.

There are currently two classes of licenses granted to Radio Amateurs in India,

  1. General grade
  2. Restricted grade

The Exam Syllabus and the operating privileges between the two are quite similar,except for a few differences.

The Amateur Station Operator’s certificate is awarded after a candidate has successfully cleared the licensing exam and has paid the necessary fees.

The licensing exam is consists of a Theory test and a Morse code test at 8WPM( for general grade).

The Theory test examines the candidates grasp of basic electronics, radio regulations, communication procedures, local and international law.

Morse code test
Examiner Sending Morse Code in an ASOC exam

The Morse code test examines the proficiency of the candidate in sending and receiving the international Morse code at 8 WPM. The test is only for those opting for the general grade amateur radio license.

How to apply for an ASOC exam ?

Simply prepare the ASOC application in the prescribed format(use our application form generator for easy preparation) and apply to your local monitoring station of WPC. Addresses and contact numbers of these stations are available at their website

Learning resources

You can download our study materials for the theory paper.
For learning code: is one great online resource to learn code systematically. Create a login and start today!

Where do we fit in?

We, at SIARS, liaise with the WPC to submit your application, train candidates, organize exams and help them obtain their licenses.

Do SIARS conduct classes?

Yes! but there won’t be any regular classes. Normally we conduct a crash/intensive coaching for two days prior to exam. Candidates are supposed to learn with the study materials provided. In these classes we will revise previous question papers too.

Will i get morse code training in the above said crash course?

There will be a Morse code session in the classes, but it would be a test for proficiency only. Morse code cannot be taught in a day or two. You many need to practice at-least a month to get minimum proficiency in code.

How can i get the updates about the exam and also your activities?

Most of our activities will be listed here in this website.Exam/classes updates will be mailed once you are in the batch. We do also have a whatsapp group where we update about the exam, and our other activities. This group is also a platform for exchanging ideas, queries and meeting fellow friends. Only those who use whatsapp as a messaging/communication platform may ask us to add you there. It’s a zero spam group!