Amateur Radio – Introductory Session to NSS Volunteers

SIARS conducted an introductory and demonstration session to around 30 NSS [National Service Scheme] volunteers on 28th September, 2019. The volunteers were 11th standard students of Girls Govt Hr.Sec School Guduvanchery, 40 KMs south of Chennai.

Our club members OM Kavi, VU2UAV and OM Paras, an SWL, arrived at the NSS camp site in the 28th September, 2019 morning by 9.30 AM. The team had ICOM VHF base station with a slim-Jim antenna to demonstrate the real-time communication to the volunteers, which they rapidly deployed at the school premises.

At 11 am, we started our presentation with an informative Q&A session on physics by OM Kavi, with his down to earth examples in physics, which captivated the students. We covered and cleared many of their doubts raised by the volunteers such as , What amateur radio is about, it’s history, the benefits and its role in disaster management, the framework of rules governing the hobby, well-known Amateur radio operators across the word and in India, who can become and how to become an Amateur radio operator, and How SIARS helps in the licensing process. Also, some technical topics, like, differences between Commercial Broadcast and Amateur radios, rundown of the various components of a shack and its uses were discussed.

The team also showed a couple of QSL cards, among which, one from Aug 1949 from Mumbai, India, attracted the attention of the students very much. The moment we showed a license of YL GeeGee, VU3GGS, a school student who had obtained her license with us, the student’s eyes opened wide with amazement as they were able to relate With the YL student operator and realise that it isn’t difficult to become a amateur radio operator and it was very much within anyones reach. This prompted the students to ask more questions and mentally brought them much closer to demonstration.

1949 QSL Card

During demonstration OM Kavi had a QSO with OM Ragav, VU3VWR, in Mylapore, Chennai , about 40 Kms away. A student, Muthulakshmi, spoke over the radio and had QSO with OM Ragav. The students were excited about the conversation. OM Ragav’s wishes and encouraging words really motivated the students to take up this wonderful hobby. The students asked many questions throughout the session, which demonstrated their peaking interest after hearing their names over a radio!

                Finally at 1 pm, The NSS coordinators thanked our club members with small memento and refreshments were served.

                On 1st October, 2019, the valedictory function for the NSS camp was organised. The students and NSS Coordinator, Mrs. Smitha, expressed their thanks to OM Kavi, SWL Paras, and SIARS for the session.

We thank Mr Krishnakumar and Mr Kudiyarasan for arranging this session.

Here’s hoping we get to hear many more voices on air very soon!



Paras, licensed in 2019. Software professional. Much interested in Driving, Martial Art, Carpentry, Tailoring and Photography.

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  • October 11, 2019 at 2:50 am

    I am Veera Amudhan (vu3rqb) from SRM UNIVERSITY Ramapuram campus.

    I got the license through the guidance if SIARS.

    We started HAM club in our college last semester. We have a group of 30 students keenly interested in communication.

    Is it possible for you to conduct a session like the same for us. Which will enlighten them and make them go forward with HAM radio.

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