ASOC Application status of 2018-1 Batch

[Edit:Intake to this batch is closed]

Hard-copy of application forms from the following aspirants were received to date,  for the upcoming ASOC exam in 2018.  Batch will be closed, once the number of applicants reaches 60 or on June 25th


SNO Name Application ID Grade applied for
1 Balasubramanian Sundaram ASOC_1099 General+Restricted
2 Shankaran Ms ASOC_1098 General+Restricted
3 Sethu Mathavan M ASOC_1102 General+Restricted
4 Anuj Dutt ASOC_1101 General+Restricted
5 S Jayakumar ASOC_1193 General+Restricted
6 Sumit Basu ASOC_1241 General+Restricted
7 Ram Sankar Pillai ASOC_1242 General
8 L Jaya Prakas ASOC_1250 General+Restricted
9 Ashwin Kumar Shanmugam ASOC_1231 General+Restricted
10 Vivek P ASOC_1167 General+Restricted
11 Naveenkumar B ASOC_1244 General
12 Kannappan M ASOC_1201 General
13 Tejesh.R.Y ASOC_1264 General+Restricted
14 Antony Raj K ASOC_1239 General+Restricted
15 Bhargava Ganti ASOC_1268 General+Restricted
16 Bhagavathi Sundar D ASOC_1100 General+Restricted
17 P R Krishnasamy ASOC_1233 General+Restricted
18 Balamurugan G ASOC_1271 General+Restricted
19 K R S MANI ASOC_1207 General+Restricted
20 B V SIDDHARTHAN EINSTEIN ASOC_1208 General+Restricted
21 T. Balasubramanian ASOC_1258 General+Restricted
22 Shivram Sagar N ASOC_1229 General
23 ANUBHARATHI K ASOC_1214 General+Restricted
24  RAVI RAJ R ASOC_1266 General+Restricted
25  Rajarathinam S ASOC_1306 General+Restricted
26  Jayanth Sampath Kumar ASOC_1199 General+Restricted
27  Sivabharathi S ASOC_1078 General+Restricted
28 Danish Nafees Khan ASOC_1236 General+Restricted
29 Sanjeev AG ASOC_1263 General+Restricted
30 Venkatesh S ASOC_1230 General+Restricted
31 Shrisubramanyam R G ASOC_1310 General+Restricted
32 Giridhar Babu T ASOC_1260 General+Restricted
33 INASRI CHEBROLU T ASOC_1277 General+Restricted
34 J Abilash ASOC_1284 General+Restricted
35 SRINIVASAN R ASOC_1280 General+Restricted
36 VARUN KUMAR M ASOC_1319 General+Restricted
37 Mohan N ASOC_1307 General+Restricted
38 Sunil Aruldas ASOC_1314 General+Restricted
39 Arunkumar Arulappan ASOC_1313 General
40 Jino P George ASOC_1330 General+Restricted
41 SANAL K MOHANAN ASOC_1329 General
42 Praveen D ASOC_1321 General+Restricted
43 Balamurugan P ASOC_1318 General+Restricted
44 Vishal Choudhari ASOC_1288 General+Restricted
45 MOHAMMED ASHISH R ASOC_1249 General+Restricted
46 Parasuraman B ASOC_1237 General+Restricted
47 Jayanthi K ASOC_1228 General+Restricted
48 Senthilkumar S ASOC_1282 General+Restricted
49 Tamilmani M S ASOC_1339 General+Restricted
50 SYED MOOSHASHA S ASOC_1276 General+Restricted
51 M.N.QURAISHY ASOC_1256 General+Restricted
52 FAIZUR RAHMAN ASOC_1357 General+Restricted
53 P.Subin Raja ASOC_1354 General+Restricted

Updated on 05/07/2018


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