Photos from the classes and demonstrations given to aspirants

LC meter workshop conducted in Chennai on 6th January 2018

Snaps from the license exams

Photos from some of the 'antenna parties' we had conducted. [ 'Antenna party' refers to a get-together cum assistance to install/tune our member's antenna systems. ]

Anchuthengu Lighthouse or Anjengo Lighthouse, an old light house, situated near the Anchuthengu Fort, Kerala. ARLHS IND 073 is the ARLHS WLOL Number (ARLHS - Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society, WLOL - World List of Lights) of the same. We activated this LH with a special call-sign AT5L

An ardent Dxer from US, OM Bob came to Chennai for his official work and we had a dinner get-together with him. Bob donated us three keyers kits from too!

Photos from the Executive Committee meeting held on 17th Mar 2018

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