Lamakaan Annual radio convention

Dear Hams and SWLs,

I am pleased to invite you to the first annual convention of Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club. Take time to read through this page and the schedule. We have lined up many interesting events to make this your best convention experience.

Registration fee is kept very low to make it affordable to everyone. LARC neither seeks any funding nor wants it. Instead, we manage with whatever the delegates can contribute. So, please help yourself.

We will be setting up an amazing flea market that will sell many transceiver kits, PCBs, torroids, Used rigs, antennas, etc. The entire schedule is packed up 12 really great and very interesting talks, half a dozen demonstrations of everything starts from Using Baofeng for satellites to stand-alone SDRs.

  • Food: A simple lunch is provided on both days, tea is available round the clock. If you want the famous Hyderabadi Biryani, you can preorder it on the registration form. (We won’t be able to arrange for it for spot registrations)
  • Accommodation: We are making few arrangements for stay close to the venue. The details will appear soon.
  • Travel, we will have volunteers at the railway stations, airport and the bus station on the morning of 26th to guide you to the venue or to your place of stay.  

Here are the brief highlights:

  1. 12 sessions: On the 26th, we have a day packed with the best brains of India talking and showing how to work with Raspberry PI, satellites, design antennas on PCs, etc. 
  2. Homebrew Contest: Grab away a all band HF transceiver as the first prize and a 40 meter SSB transceiver as the second prize. The contest is open to all delegates, bring your homebrew project and enter into the contest (No matter what it is a TRX or a simple oscillator or a piece of test equipment)
  3. Eyeball Contest: Take a VHF/UHF handheld transceiver by logging the largest number of signatures on the eyeball day.
  4. Flea Market: Buy project PCBs, toroids, tools, cables, accessories, junk, radios
  5. Club Night:  Talk about your club activities, show off your projects, events and club members’ rigs
  6. KiCad workshop: Bring your laptop and learn to design PCBs with SP Bhatnagar’s night workshop
  7. uBITX workshop: For Rs.7000, you can build your own all band HF transceiver in one evening with Farhan. Bring your tools and wire up the board!
  8. Eyeball: Buy and sell, meet and greet and watch great demonstrations of radio control flying, working satellites, putting up hex-beams and more 

I hope to see you at LARC’18 soon.


Rajan, VU2KNN (President, LARC)

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Sinosh Pushparajan

Analytical chemist by profession, radio amateur by passion!  My first callsign was VU3PKQ issued in 2002 and the upgraded one was VU2XPK in 2015 and now its VU2LN.

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