Membership rules

  • Membership fees is ₹200 per annum, collected in calendar year basis.
  • No refund for membership fees
  • A new membership will be granted only after three/four months of application, provided the executive committee is satisfied with your presence in our activities/character and also your passion for learning. 
  • Candidates who are writing exams with us will be granted membership only when they come on air/or put some effort for being on air,  after acquiring their licence. (So, they are requested not to apply for a membership along with their exam application form)
  • Members will have privileges in our activities such as group buy, workshops, help in setting up their station, liaison with WPC and so.
  • Members of other clubs will also be provided membership, if they agrees with our general policies and constitution, subject to the rules of new membership.

How to apply for membership?

  1. Use the contact form in our website to send us a message, stating that you would like to be a member.
  2. You will get a reply with  payment details from our side.
  3. Pay online, take a screenshot of the payment and and apply here
  4. Join with our activities like meetings, workshops and so on to get your membership confirmed.