Listen to live radio!
A WebSDR is a Software-Defined Radio receiver connected to the internet, allowing many listeners to listen and tune it simultaneously. SDR technology makes it possible that all listeners tune independently, and thus listen to different signals; this is in contrast to the many classical receivers that are already available via the internet.More background information is available at
SIARS also maintains a websdr at Chennai for a part of the 40m band. Unfortunately we are unable to run it 24×7,we will still attempt to make it online for most of the time. Our websdr can be accessed at


Websdr is a live radio and the latency between the real radio and through internet will be in the order of some 500ms, if you are using a faster internet connection. The current server of is a Raspberry pi Version 3. The radio hardware is a VUSDR, by Dr Naidu VU2ZAZ. Performance may be not up to the mark due to the low processing power of Rpi.

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